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Hi, my name’s Mark Lappin, I’m an Editor, Videographer, and Motion Graphics Designer who also likes to dabble in writing. I currently work for Goodlife Health Clubs, where I produce two video-led HIIT workout series, each of which feature six individual workouts each week. Before that I worked as a freelance editor and designer, editing for clients and creating branding and pamphlets for businesses.

Up until January 2014 I was working in a corporate call center, when I quit because I wanted a career where I looked forward to going to work each morning. I started my degree and quickly developed an interest in Video Editing and Animation. I’m proficient in Premiere Pro,  After Effects, Photoshop, Maya, Blender, Illustrator, and InDesign. I’m also familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, and Photo Composition and Editing.

In the long term, I’m looking to work as an editor on more narrative-driven and creative content.

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