Outline and Polyfractal Images




I created these images as a result of experimenting with Illustrator during the first year of my degree. The icon on the left was made doing a simple vector outline on an image and then taking it into Photoshop as a smart vector object and filling in the colour. The image on the right was created by taking the same image, placing key anchor points on the outlines, shadows and contours and joining them together with pathing. From there, I used took the outline and the reference image into Photoshop, using the eyedropper tool to select the main colour of each section and the fill bucket to fill each triangle. Finally, I experimented with the hue on the layers above and below the image to give it a pink and blue tint, which I feel suits the polyfractal style of the image.

I enjoyed the process and result of creating both of these images so much that I began to use them as my icon on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Over time, I’ve changed some of the icons to other images, but the polyfractal image remains my twitter icon.