Rigging and 3D Animation

3D Animation 1 Assessment Walkcycle – Stealthy Walk from Mark Lappin on Vimeo.


This was a piece of assessment from my 3D animation class, created using Blender, a 3D animation engine. The character in the scene was downloaded from Blendswap, and then I rigged and weight painted the character myself. The environment that the scene takes place in was created by using geometric objects like boxes, cylinders, and cones and then applying textures to them. I then created light sources within the barrel and attached to the swinging light. Rendering the project took about 12 hours because of the lighting choices that I had made, but I had anticipated that and made sure that the project was finished early to allow for the rendering time.

The scene was the first one that I created solely by myself and intended it to be a looping animation. The process of creating the scene taught me a bout my different strengths and abilities in the 3D workspace and tricks to create a believable scene.